Knowledge is everything….

Lift the weight from your shoulders. CASHWISE reliably reflects your current financial status. Such knowledge arms you to independently monitor your own efforts towards debt repayment, cashflow management, investment status and will provide you with confidence on your advancement towards goals and your retirement.

Cashwise keeps you informed

Staying on track to achieve financial goals is aided by knowing that planned milestones are being achieved.

CASHWISE is the tool to help.  It is a unique and dynamic, online cashflow monitoring and reporting function which will:

  • assist you to instantly oversee and understand the ACTUAL progress of your investments, superannuation and debts
  • aid in the future-proofing of your finances by helping you manage your lifestyle and spending

CASHWISE reports allow you to look inside the workings of your financial plan and realistically assess its functionality against your spending habits.  Watching your Plan’s progress supports your enthusiasm and focus to achieve.

Money in versus money out

Whether you have developed your financial plan independently or working with a financial adviser, CASHWISE offers a valuable tool to monitor your whole portfolio.

CASHWISE reports compare your actual cashflow and net position to your projected cashflow and net position. (‘Net position’ being your financial assets minus your liabilities).

CASHWISE reports provide a holistic view of your net financial position and include your main cash account, loans and investments, annual superannuation balance, and pension status where applicable.

Client Reporting Dashboard

CASHWISE reports include a range of different viewpoints, some with graphic support illustrating comparative information.  You can also interrogate individual transactions when you seek more clarity on such items.

Whether working with a Financial Advisor or independently, CASHWISE is a useful tool to monitor your finances and focus your energy on achievement.