The team at CASHWISE

David Strybosch, Managing Director of CASHWISE Pty Ltd

David has worked for over 20 years in Financial Services. He has many years’ experience working with entrepreneurial teams in the development of web-based resources. He conceived the idea of CASHWISE, as an online tool, to enable his clients to independently monitor the progress of their selected financial plans, arming them with knowledge and in the process providing transparency into the functionality of their plans.

Emma Ravensdale – Systems and Data Manager

With considerable working experiences in both banking and financial arenas, Emma’s experiences include the development of various systems supporting reporting and monitoring functions. Emma is the founding developer of CASHWISE. As the CASHWISE Systems Manager, Emma leads the data research, collecting and deployment team.

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CASHWISE is an online cashflow monitoring tool.  Sign-up, log in and futureproof your finances.



CASHWISE is a dynamic cashflow monitoring tool.  It does not provide financial planning advice. It is not a budgeting tool.